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2-minute briefing on building
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  • Do you require an industrial hall or another lightweight structure?
  • Need to consult someone about the building to be constructed?
  • The plans are finished, but you feel the materials chosen are too expensive?
  • Simply looking for a reliable partner for the construction of your building?
  • Do you need a reliable general contractor?
  • You would like to reduce the costs of the project, but have run out of ideas?
  • Disappointed in the contractors used to date and looking for a reliable partner?
  • Possible contractors laugh at your extravagant plan and give extortionate quotes?
  • Would you like advice in the area of lightweight construction?
  • Are you looking for a reliable, experienced and competitive contractor for execution of a lightweight building?
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What others say about us

„The main virtue of Weinberg ’93 is that they've never let us down”
Szabó János, project manager for WET Automotive

Significant projects

  • Erőmű- Bahama islands
  • AUDI csarnok- Győr
  • Designer Outlet Center- Parndorf (Ausztria)
  • Andritz Kft Üzembővítés- Tiszakécske
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