For nearly a quarter of a century in Hungary the name Weinberg 93 has been synonymous with high-level professionalism and expertise. We are creating a balance between old and new, tradition and innovation. We live in harmony with our environment whilst constantly developing, keeping stability at the fore. We share this harmony with our clients and employees.


Spirit of Zemplén

Our surroundings provide our ethos: the Zemplén region, which is formed by its traditions and several centuries of industrial past, is a stable point which we can revisit.
This encourages us to give back everything we have received from our surroundings – and offer more.


Knowledge centre

Fostering professional skills is a basic requirement for sustainable development, thus we strive to keep an expert workforce in our region and maintain the capacity for continuous renewal. Thus we participate as a knowledge centre in engineering education with the region’s technical colleges and Miskolc University to ensure highly-qualified engineers for the future. The Weinberg 93 Scholarship established in partnership with the university offers a career perspective for recipient engineering students.


Environmental awareness

Naturally our approach is based on our commitment to being environmentally friendly. We do all we can to ensure that we minimise pollutants, emissions and waste created during production and to reduce our ecological footprint.


A family-friendly company

Our many years of experience have shown us that a friendly working environment plays an essential role in maintaining work that is consistently of the highest quality. We consider our employees as family members and ensure we motivate them. This contributes to staff loyalty and expertise which in turn is a motor of development towards our goals. We hold a Weinberg 93 Family Day every year where there is plenty to keep all ages amused.

We have constructed
buildings to date.

We have worked over
tonnes of steel.

Request a quote!

Our staff are awaiting your request for a quote. Our main profile is steel structure fabrication and general construction. Over the nearly 25 years of operation we have built more than 420 steel-structure buildings, and we fabricate metal structures in our 8500 m2 steelwork plant. We are passionate about steel – and look forward to hearing from you!

From millstones to steel production

The region’s industrial history and its traditions are important to us. From the 15th century right up to the early 20th century millstones were produced right here where the Weinberg 93 building now stands from quartzite quarried nearby on Megyer hill.
In the period between the two world wars some 300 millstones were made annually. These were still in demand in the 1940s. This traditional branch of industry with several centuries of history behind it finally ended in Sárospatak with the production of the final millstone in 1979.

Tokaj is close
to our heart

As well as nurturing traditions, good wine is close to our heart. We make our wines to bring joy and enjoyment to our friends, clients and ourselves. We bring both the precision and passion into our winemaking that we employ in our steelwork.
The Weinberg 93 cellar is located 5 km from Sárospatak in the Hercegkút cellar row, part of the UNESCO World Heritage. Every drop of our wines tells of careful hands and cooperation with nature. As well as the labyrinth of wine cellars, the village of Hercegkút is proud of its traditionally cured bacon back called Svábszalonna.

Equestrian traditions

We are committed supporters of local organisations. We sponsor and are a founding member of the Sárospatak Zempléni Lovas Egyesület (Zemplén Equestrian Society), one of the most active groups in Sárospatak. With over one hundred members, the Society regularly participates in the town’s social and festive events.

Every year since 2002 they have organised an autumn hunt, thus establishing a tradition and creating a tourist attraction, contributing to the calendar of events in Sárospatak. This outstanding event offers the opportunity for a full day’s horse riding in the superb landscape of the Zemplén HiIls. We strive to support this and similar events in line with one of our company’s key philosophies: family-centred work ethic.