Átadták a sárospataki Wáberer Sportcentrumot

Wáberer Sporting Centre in Sárospatak handed over

Students at Sárospatak are already able to enjoy the new sporting complex of the Sárospatak Reformed College, Grammar School, Primary School and Dormitory. On 24 June the festive handover ceremony of the gymnasium realised grace to the donations of alumni took place.

The largest and most modern sporting facility of the Zemplén region is a 1.2 billion HUF or 3.7 million € investment. The main sponsor was György Wáberer, owner of BILK Zrt. and founder of a major transportation business which he recently sold, who raised 800 million. The remaining funds were added by businessmen József Sándor and István Derczó.

„I believe the story of this building didn’t start with the laying of the foundation stone, or with the planning works”, said Bishop József Csomós of the Reformed Church at the handover ceremony. Rather it started half a century ago when these gentlemen attended school here who expressed their gratitude in this remarkable way.

Mr. Wáberer stressed that originally he was opposed to the idea that the facility should bear his name, but when he finally agreed he wished to serve as an example. „It is my desire that those who fill this place will not think at the donor but, whenever they have a chance to do so, they will indeed do what they can for this institution.”

The centre will also serve as a venue for international handball competitions. This is of significance for the College as their secondary school has a handball major and the previous gymnasium wasn’t even equipped for training sessions let alone for competitions.

The centre’s overall surface is of 3,183 square metres, the arena of 1,218 square metres. Some 850 spectators may view competitions from moveable stands. Mobile partition walls can separate the arena into three spaces, thus several physical education classes can be held concurrently at the centre. Students may also develop their condition in a fully equipped 110 square-metre gym.

The president of the board of the Foundation for the Sárospatak Reformed College, Gabriella Búzás-Nagy handed over the keys symbolically to the students. “We have reached our goal”, she said. “Our dreams voiced here a year ago upon the laying of the foundation stone have become a reality”.