Elkészült Miskolcon a Spinto jövőbe mutató szerszámgyára

Tooling of the future made real: the Spinto plant in Miskolc ready for production

The 5,000 square-metre tooling plant of Spinto Hungária Ltd. has been completed. As a general contractor Weinberg ’93 Ltd. was responsible for execution of the production hall and reception buildings. The investment is worth almost 6 billion HUF (about 18.5 million €) and it will be an important link in the most up-to-date vehicle component supply chain.

Similar to our company, Spinto is a 100% Hungarian-owned company. Execution of the production facility started right after the company was established in late 2017. Thanks to the dynamic execution works, most of the production devices have already been installed onto the precisely executed machine foundations. Upon writing this the largest machining centre was about to arrive, a 5-axis  of which only five exist on the whole world.

This unique investment is completely focussed on the future of tool manufacture. 140 workplaces are being created for nearly 100 skilled workers and 35 engineers next to support staff. They will work with the most advanced technologies in existence. Future enlargements are possible as the time arrives for diversification of the production scope.

This investment is also of significance for educational purposes as tertiary students of technology will be able to work here as externs within a high-tech production environment. We are extremely glad that we may support with our own work a company which, just as ourselves, actively participates in the education of the future highly skilled workforce.

For all these reasons the Spinto plant truly represents an additional value within the sector as it will occupy an important position within the vehicle industry, improving the economic position of the region and the country.