Ünnepélyes avató keretében nyitotta meg kapuit a Spinto modern szerszámgyára

Spinto's modern tool factory opened in a festive handover celebration

As reported earlier our Company was selected for the general execution of a 5,000 square metres production site of Spinto Hungária Ltd. When executing this compound with its state-of-the-art technology and demanding technical details we were able to rely on our ample experience with projects of a similar complexity, as well as on our team’s comprehensive professional know-how.

Execution work was preceded by careful and complex planning tasks together with the investor. Not least due to the difficult terrain, during design optimalisation there was much need for the focus on solutions typical for Weinberg. The very flat, wet and reedy lot caused challenges as for groundwater management during building activities.
An important principle was the conscious use of modern but timeless and energetically beneficial materials. In that regard, too, this 4,400 square metres hall with a 1,060 square metres office wing is in line with current expectations. The structure is made of reinforced concrete elements with a steel stiffening system. The deepest of nine machine foundations reaches 4.5 metres below the ground level.

It was extremely inspiring for us to work for a principal open for innovative conceps rather than commonplace solutions. This even helped us to save considerable resources. Environmental awareness and sustainability used to be a focus during the entire project. Building engineering is based on renewable energy and technological surplus heat is being utilised.

Upon planning the office an important aspect was to provide spaces that render work into an experience. We were careful to select harmonising colours and textures, as well as cleading of an excellent quility, such as Italian ceramic plates, English carpets  and Japanese vinyl floormats. In several spots photographic wallpaper is part of the design, rendering a youthful character to the offices.

The smooth cooperation with the principal was of a big advantage towards project success. We are delighted this outstanding building marks the beginning of another excellent professional partnership. We are proud of this high-standard compound realised together, and of our growing role within the Hungarian building industry backed by a variegated portfolio.