Szürettel indult az ősz a Weinbergnél

Weinberg wine harvest marks the arrival of autumn

At Weinberg we used to hail the bounty of autumn upon our traditional wine harvest, held this year on the first October weekend.

Past a rather stormy night the day started with bright sunlight. After a cosy, abundant breakfast accompanied by life gypsy music the enthusiast harvesters got right into the substance of grape harvesting. Thanks to the many volunteers, the container quickly became full of grapes of the Hárslevelű variety. When by 1 pm the task was done the well-merited lunch was already been served.

Towards the end of the day many of us met again at the company wine cellar to enjoy a few glasses of wine and a dinner. The Weinberg grape harvest event once more provided an excellent experience to participants. We do hope soon we’ll be able to enjoy the liquefied result of that memorable day’s effort.