A spectacular year-end party

All workers of our plant were invited to attend a year-end celebration held on 20 December. Hungarian rock veteran Nagy Feró turned the occasion into a memorable, exuberant party.

Our owner and CEO István Derzcó opened the event by thanking the employees for their cooperation all over the year.
He then gave an account of developments envisaged for 2019 as well as of the major execution projects and steelworks achieved in the previous year 2018.

Amongst the most significant developments is the procurement during the summer months of a Japanese MAZAK laser cutter and machining centre, an investment helping the Company to further increase the complexity and added value of their services.

The manager of the steelwork manufacture Róbert Lovas also expressed his appreciation for the past period’s common efforts. He spoke about the targets for the next year, as well as about new training and career opportunities availed by Weinberg.

Finally our surprise star guest Nagy Feró took over the micro who immediately mingled with staff members and made sure the event turned into a huge party.

There was a lot of clicking glasses, singing and cheering – a worthy conclusion of the period behind us in a great ambiance.

Thank you All for joint efforts and results!