Technological and building structure manufacturing

Our manufacturing hall was built to fulfil construction needs, however, we recognised that in addition to the manufacturing of steel structures, there is also market demand for the manufacture of technological steel structures.

Nowadays we are working on the design and construction of complete plants and factory units, including the production of building and technological steel structures.

Our individual, large wingspan, heavy building frames and technological structures are assembled with machinery equipped with CNC technology in our 11 500 square meter steel structure manufacturing plant.

We cover large-scale areas according to the customer’s expectations, within short deadlines and costeffectively.
Our work is supported by an integrated corporate governance system.

„Low price, high quality, tight deadline. The saying goes that only two of the three can be achieved at any one time. Weinberg has disproved this as they are to accomplish all three to an outstanding level, providing appropriate flexibility and excellent attitude. ”Sándor Kertész, CEO Infoware Zrt.

11 500 m² manufacturing area & 8 000 t / year manufacturing capacity

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Weinberg’s main virtue is that he never let me down!
János Szabó, CEO of W.E.T. Automotive Systems Hungary

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